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Susan Oliver Documentary

So I only just found a 2014 documentary this weekend on Amazon Prime about the life of Susan Oliver (the woman who I am sure Trek fans recall as "Vina"). It's called "The Green Girl".  I had not known much about her before, and she was a very interesting person. Became a pilot and made some world records, tried to become a director but found it hard to make much headway & her life ended too soon because of cancer. If you are able to check it out, I highly recommend it!
Shore Lupine

'Cage' rewatch

So I missed this back in March - rewatch of the Cage.  Doesn't really say anything that hasn't been before.

In the comments, author Greg Cox says he has a Pike era TOS book coming out later this year, "Child of Two Worlds".

Thinking of The Cage...just one tiny detail.  Pike makes that silly statement about not being used to women on the bridge.  But last time I watched it I noticed that besides Cold and Number One there is one other woman on the bridge - an unnamed brunnette (who didn't get to utter a syllable onscreen) prints up something for Pike.  I don't recall seeing her again at any other point (granted, with my bad eyes I could easily have missed her if she were in a brief background shot) and I didn't find her credited at all on imdb.  So, I wonder who she was supposed to be and how Pike kind of overlooked that, gee, there's kinda  lot of women on the bridge...  That is just my very idle, pointless trivia for today.
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Trekstock 2013

It’s not about the competition
It’s not about the quality of the writing, the vidding or the graphics
It’s not about the better, the superior, the greater
It’s all about spreading the LOVE

st_respect is hosting a Star Trek fanworks festival and we want you!

Join us for 6 weeks of Shipping, Creativity, and all things Trek during Trekstock 2013*

Find out more at st_respect

*Trekstock encourages the practice of safe and loud fandom-wide orgies. Please party responsibly.