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19th-Oct-2018 10:20 pm - Star Trek Discovery
I'm looking forward to seeing the second season of Discovery, with appearances from Pike, Number One, and Spock. I haven't watch the first season, but I may actually pay to watch this season.
1st-May-2016 08:47 pm - Upcoming ST novel
Shore Lupine
So there is a Star Trek novel coming out next month that is supposed to heavily feature Number One: http://www.amazon.com/Legacies-Book-Captain-Star-Original/dp/150112529X
8th-Jun-2015 03:02 pm - 'Cage' rewatch
Shore Lupine
So I missed this back in March - rewatch of the Cage.  Doesn't really say anything that hasn't been before.

In the comments, author Greg Cox says he has a Pike era TOS book coming out later this year, "Child of Two Worlds".

Thinking of The Cage...just one tiny detail.  Pike makes that silly statement about not being used to women on the bridge.  But last time I watched it I noticed that besides Cold and Number One there is one other woman on the bridge - an unnamed brunnette (who didn't get to utter a syllable onscreen) prints up something for Pike.  I don't recall seeing her again at any other point (granted, with my bad eyes I could easily have missed her if she were in a brief background shot) and I didn't find her credited at all on imdb.  So, I wonder who she was supposed to be and how Pike kind of overlooked that, gee, there's kinda  lot of women on the bridge...  That is just my very idle, pointless trivia for today.
29th-Jan-2015 12:27 pm - Fan "Menagerie" edit
Shore Lupine
So this is kind of fun - someone did a re-edit of the "Menagerie" episode.  Can watch it on youtube here.
30th-Sep-2014 09:16 pm - Interesting story on Archive...
Shore Lupine
So for those who may not have seen this already, here is an interesting story with Number One in it - a crossover of Doom and Star Trek. 
Shore Lupine
So, not too many new Pike/One stories of late, but for any interested here is one recently posted at AOO.
14th-Sep-2013 09:32 pm - Number One story on Archiveorourown
Shore Lupine
For those looking for new Number One stories, here is one up at Archive of our Own.
7th-May-2013 01:42 pm - Trekstock 2013
default 2

It’s not about the competition
It’s not about the quality of the writing, the vidding or the graphics
It’s not about the better, the superior, the greater
It’s all about spreading the LOVE

st_respect is hosting a Star Trek fanworks festival and we want you!

Join us for 6 weeks of Shipping, Creativity, and all things Trek during Trekstock 2013*

Find out more at st_respect

*Trekstock encourages the practice of safe and loud fandom-wide orgies. Please party responsibly.
18th-Jan-2013 12:06 pm - 1965 interview w/ Jeffrey Hunter...
Shore Lupine
In case some missed it, at io9 there is an extract of a 1965 interview with Jeffrey Hunter on his thoughts about Star Trek.  I thought it was interesting as I cannot recall having seen before any interviews like that (since, as io9 points out) Hunter died in 1969 long before Star Trek became the pop culture juggernaut:

11th-Sep-2012 10:50 pm(no subject)
star trek (pike/number one new old skool
The Masterlist has (at long last) been updated with 41 new stories! I swear, I never meant to leave it this long...

As always if I've left stories off please comment with the info and I'll add them to the Masterlist.
30th-Aug-2012 08:08 pm - A trivial trivia question...
Shore Lupine
OK, today I've had a darn virus and fever.  So I've been laying in bed watching random things including "The Menagerie".  And I noticed that Number One is wearing a ring on the 4th finger of her right hand.  The blue nail polish is a lot more noticeable (anyone know if that color was rare in 1964?  I think?  So chosen to be exotic and futuristic?)  But I've never seen anyone comment on her ring - either as part of costuming for character, or what the ring might mean/its history to Number One.  (Inspiration for fanfic anyone?  *grins evilly*)

Yeah, I know it is some crazy trivia, so forgive my frazzled fever brain.  Brings to mind DeForrest Kelley, who wore his mother's ring. (Dang I love the man).

OK, going back to lolling on bed, moaning, groaning and carping (tho' my daughter did bring me a music box to cheer me up.  Awesome!!)  Just thought I'd throw this trivia point out there, see if anyone knew anything/wondered/had ideas.
24th-Aug-2012 01:00 pm - New story on fanfiction.net
Shore Lupine
Greetings, all.  I just stumbled upon a recently added Pike/One story on fanfiction.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8456491/1/Green

There aren't many Number One stories there, so I thought I'd just point it out for the curious.
15th-Jun-2012 09:32 pm - this is the test I left land for
Hot Fuzz; classic blue vanilla
title: this is the test I left land for
universe: AOS
pairing: Pike/Number One
author: [info]reogulus
rating: PG
wordcount: ~1,400
disclaimer: Not mine, not real, not used for profit
summary: James T. Kirk isn't technically the first Starfleet cadet to pass the Kobayashi Maru.
notes: Uh, I blame [info]introductory for everything except for my writing.

The curtain falls, and leaves him wondering how he hasn’t known her.
1st-May-2012 07:51 pm - Fic: Nobody Else Will Do
Title: Nobody Else Will Do (the Thrilling Combination Remix) (a remix of medie's One [AO3])
Author: circ_bamboo
Summary: Mia Colt was in love with her captain, once, for maybe twenty-four hours at most. Then she realized she had another role to play.
Characters/Pairing: Colt, Boyce, Barry; Pike/One
Rating: PG
Content Advisory: Nothing I can think of
Word Count: 2201
Notes: Title from the exceedingly-obvious song from A Chorus Line

Here at AO3
number one: overqualified
Title:: Cold Shot (Indecision, Revision, But No Reversal Remix)
Pairing: Pike/One
Rating: Teen
Summary: The trouble with loving your captain is that sometimes you have to shoot him.
Notes: A remix of Cold Shot by circ_bamboo
Word Count: 1500

There's only one woman in the galaxy who could cold-bloodedly threaten my death over the dinner table, and it's you.
25th-Apr-2012 12:37 pm - A poll at DKos
Shore Lupine
OK, for those who are not averse to the "Great Orange Satan" (grins) there is a post about Majel Barrett Roddenberry & a poll on her best character.  Number One needs some  more love!! :)  So go & vote if you can - 

star trek (mirror pike/number one)
Title: The Audition
Author: LJC
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Mirror Universe. Set after "The Quality of Mercy". After all, it's important to anticipate your commanding officer's needs correctly.
Author's Notes: Warning: this story contains past non-con, power play, an unreliable narrator, and graphic depictions of sex. Written for rubynye, who asked for it specifically. Huge thanks to my awesome beta boosette.

Disclaimer: Star Trek and all related elements, characters and indicia © CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. All characters and situations—save those created by the authors for use solely on this website—are copyright CBS Studios Inc..

Please do not archive or distribute without author's permission.

The AuditionCollapse )
11th-Apr-2012 01:23 pm - hello! we are alive. barely.
star trek (pike/number one b&w)
So apparently, LJ switched us to Moderated. I've switched us back. *facepalms*
taraljc said this belonged here, so . . .

Title: For You I Came This Far (or here at AO3)
Author: circ_bamboo
Summary: Winona, the Yorktown, Pike, the events of the movie, etc.
Pairing: Winona Kirk/Chris Pike; background Jim Kirk/Leonard McCoy and Phil/Cait(/One)
Rating: NC-17
Content Advisory: Sex. Also references to torture and PTSD.
Word Count: 31,000
Notes: Sparked by a conversation in which boosette sent the line, “but but but WE ARE ALL IN FAVOR of Pike/Winona, yes?” It just snowballed from there. Thanks so much to imachar for a hell of a fast beta, especially considering the length. Title from here. Lieutenant Zel belongs to boosette; she just allows me to borrow her.

Master Post
29th-Dec-2011 05:34 pm - Rare Women Fest
number one: making decisions
Remember how some people here were sad that "The Cage" wasn't accepted as a Yuletide fandom? rarewomen is offering us the chance to remedy that in their upcoming exchange. rarewomen is an exchange focused on female characters who don't appear often enough in fan fiction, and Number One certainly fits the bill. No matter what, we will be able to request stories about Number One in the exchange, but if "The Cage" gets to be its own separate fandom independent of TOS, the likelihood of getting Number One stories is much greater. Read over the ,a href=http://rarewomen.livejournal.com/1777.html>schedule and info post</a>, and if you'd be interested in having "The Cage" as a fandom please comment and let the mod know.
5th-Aug-2011 02:04 am - Pike/One, K/S fic: The Loop
Title: The Loop.

Artist: theoreticalpixy

Author: ariadnechan and the_physicist

Rating Art/Fic: PG/ Fic: PG-13

Genre: Adventure, romance

Pairing: Kirk/Spock & Pike/Number One.

Word Count: ~9570

Warnings: Time loops, Mayor characters disappearance.

Art Thumbnail:

Fic Summary: Pike calls for Jim and Spock in a secret mission. They must to go to Sigma four to rescue younger Pike/Number one from their imprisonment. Pike has confidence in this mission, because he was there and he saw Jim and Spock rescue them. But what will happen to Jim and Spock there? Will they comeback alive in their own timelines to finish the loop in time?

Link to Art: here

Tyler knew it was time to inform Star Fleet that the two most senior officers had vanished, leaving behind no clues, just thin air.
Title: Et in Arcadia est terra monstrum
Author: circ_bamboo
Summary: Pike and One go to visit the Pikeparents in Suburbia. Murder and mayhem ensue.
Pairing: Pike/One
Rating: NC-17
Content Advisory: Some violence.
Word Count: 11,900 (split into two parts) (or try all as one on AO3 here)
Notes: This fills the "the suburban episode," "threesome: pike/manpain/one," and "sex: we're not dead!" squares on my PikeOne bingo card. And with that, I have a line, but I'm going for a blackout so it doesn't matter. Thanks to boosette as usual. I actually wrote this back in December or something but it took a while. No, I don't know where it came from or why it's so blasted long. It happens about three years after Claimed and two or so years before Starting Over (or the barroom scene in the movie), although you don't need to have read either.

Part 1 starts here.
17th-Apr-2011 09:48 pm - Round up of things
Batch of things left over from shipwars. A vid, some art and a drabble. Enjoy!

Title: Jefferies Tubes (fic)
Words: 160ish
Rating: PG-13/R depending on your imagination.
Pairing/Characters: Pike/Number One
Summary: One didn't see the problem.
Warnings/Notes:AOS. A bit silly. Was random commentporn (minus much actual porn) Here at st_respect


Title: The Codeword is 'Yorktown'... (Art)
Ship/Characters: Pike, Number One, Boyce, Barry - interpret at will
Rating: PG
Warnings: Crimes implied in the running of a speakeasy.
Notes: Speakeasy/20's AU. Come on in and have a drink. Much credit to boosette for the initial idea and much enabling with pretty pictures. Originally made for the AU prompt for shipwars.


Title: Set Fire to the Third Bar (vid)
Summary: Working out the distance
Ship/Characters: Pike/Number One, Boyce/Barry AOS
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some sexual content.
Notes: Originally made for shipars, prompt was 'Angst'.
Music is Set Fire to the Third Bar by Snow Patrol, clips are from Star Trek (2009), Republic of Love, and NCIS. I own none of these. For the purposes of this vid Cait Barry is played by Lauren Holly and Number One is played by Emilia Fox.

15th-Apr-2011 08:32 pm - Podfic and Fan Art
star trek (pike/number one embrace)
So there have been all kinds of awesome stuff coming out of 'ship olympics--both the official Team NewOldSkool entries, and the fanworks being created for each challenge that don't end up as team entries. So here's what I've been up to...

Title: Private Myths
Canon: TOS
Author/Reader: LJC
Audio File: Embedded MP3, available as a zipped download, length of approximately 25 minutes.
Rating: PG-13 (however, due to sexually explicit SFX, audio content is most likely NSFW.)
Synopsis: Six hours into their captivity—more than twelve hours since Pike's abduction and almost twenty hours since Number One's last sleep cycle—she slid into the illusion without realising it.
Author's Note: Written for The Pike/Number One Bingo prompt "'The Cage' Missing Scene" in December, 2010. Portions of dailogue excerpted from "The Cage" script by Gene Roddenberry, November, 1964, and are used here without permission. Complete text here. Recorded as podfic for 'Ship Olympics: Event 4
Disclaimer: Star Trek and all related elements, characters and indicia © CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. All characters and situations—save those created by the authors for use solely on this website—are copyright CBS Studios Inc..


Title: No Small Dreams
Author/Reader: LJC
Audio File: Embedded MP3, available as a zipped download, length of approximately 14 minutes.
Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: Six years after Pike returns to Talos IV, Number One is finally given a chance to say good-bye.
Author's Note: Written for the Matri-thon: The Pan-Fandom Women 40 And Over Ficathon in September, 2009. Recorded as podfic for 'Ship Olympics: Event 4
Disclaimer: Star Trek and all related elements, characters and indicia © CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. All characters and situations—save those created by the authors for use solely on this website—are copyright CBS Studios Inc..


Title: O'Sullivan's Boarding House AU
Canon: TOS AU
Ship: NewOldSkool
Author: taraljc
Rating: NA
Author's Note: This is artwork for a post-Civil War AU set in Chicago before the fire, where Number One runs a boarding house where Captain Pike takes a room, which currently only lives IN MY HEAD. However, my team are pretty much determined to change that.
Disclaimer: Star Trek and all related elements, characters and indicia © CBS Studios Inc.. All Rights Reserved. All characters and situations—save those created by the authors for use solely on this website—are copyright CBS Studios Inc.. All Star Trek images © 2001 and are reproduced here solely for the purposes of promotion and publicity of this licenced property. This is a fan website in no way affiliated with Paramount Pictures, CBS Studios, Bad Robot Films, or any of the above copyright and trademark holders of Star Trek.

O'Sullivan's Boarding House AUCollapse )

Text of letterCollapse )
star trek (number one pensive face colou
Today's Star Trek Rewatch by Dayton Ward & David Mack at Tor.com is "The Cage". Get ready for a lot of reminiscing about Orion slave women.
23rd-Mar-2011 02:14 am - "Turnabout" 1/1 by LJC, Rated PG-13
star trek (new old skool)
Title: Turnabout
Summary: Just like in the vids.
Ship/Characters: Pike/Number One, Boyce/Barry
Canon: AOS
Author: taraljc
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None.

( Turnabout )
24th-Feb-2011 07:12 pm - 'Ship Olympics sign-ups reminder!
star trek (captain pikeone - ship wars)

Just a reminder that if you are on the fence about taking part in 'Ship Olympics, you have a little over 24 hours to decide to take the queen's shilling, as sign-ups close on tomorrow the 25th!

It will be an awesome good time, complete with macros, recs, fic, vids, icons, party posts, and probably an orgy or three!
23rd-Feb-2011 06:04 pm - Fic: AU :: Maps of a Compass Rose
Title:Maps of a Compass Rose
Words: ~8,100
Rating: R
Pairing/Characters: Pike/Number One
Summary: Dystopian/Pirate AU
The fragmented records of a fragmented courtship between two parties that should never have courted according to the rules. Thankfully neither was very good at the rules.
Warnings:Violence, sex, (mostly offscreen) torture, spoilery: pregnancy
Notes: Companion/prequel/shares a world with If We Lived And Were Good by _samalander. Arguably can be read alone but reading hers is advised and will definitely give a fuller world view/understanding as this piece is rather micro focused on this particular relationship.

I guess we'll have to trust each other
15th-Feb-2011 07:20 pm - Fic: "Cold Shot," Pike/One, PG-13
Title: Cold Shot
Summary: One shoots Pike. On purpose. Phil Boyce has to fix it.
Pairing: Pike/One
Rating: PG-13
Content Advisory: Descriptions of violence
Word Count: 1300
Notes: This fills the "relationships are hard: we always hurt the ones we love" square on my PikeOne bingo card. (In an obtuse sort of way.)

( Transporter room to Sickbay; Captain down. )
13th-Feb-2011 09:29 pm - 2 Fics: AOS
Title: As We Lay
Words: 1200
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairing/Characters: Pike/Number One
Summary: They weren't going to make it.
Warnings/Notes: AOS. Porn. Angst. For the Pike/Number One bingo prompt "sex: we're gonna die!"



Title: Lipstick
Words: ~500
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Number One, Cait Barry; Gen
Summary: Number One likes her cosmetics.
Warnings/Notes:AOS. Cait & One gen/friend fic. Briefest allude to Pike/One. 'Makeup porn' is a good way to describe this...
Originally Posted: From the newoldskool snow day comment fest; prompt 'lipstick' over here

13th-Feb-2011 08:47 pm - since I have been quiet lately....
star trek (needs more pike)
...I figured if you haven't seen this already, you ought to. Courtesy of TrekCore:

You're welcome.

In other news, BIG STUFF COMING here tomorrow. I promise.
star trek (number one pensive face)
Anyone up for a Snow Day Commentfest at newoldskool? I can come up with a list of 50 prompts, and you can crosspost entries featuring Pike and Number One here, as well as (as always) all Number One gen!

ETA: ta-da! 50 Prompts
29th-Jan-2011 11:58 pm - Art: Number One
What: Art, digital
Who: Number One
Rating: G, gen
Etc: Character portrait. Excuse to work on my digital painting...


star trek (new old skool)
For the record, if you haven't read tobinfic's epic Regency AU, you have missed out on epic Pike/One, Barry and Boyce as ladies maids and valets, Roddenberry and Barret belowstairs, awesome McCoy/Chapel, Kirk/Rand, Spock/Uhura, and Sulu/Chekov.

A Suitable Match

Speaking of Regency AUs, circ_bamboo's Nine Years Later (and its sequel Four Months After That) are ALSO made of awesome, and a direct influence on the above.

All are delightful, make me glee, and are VERY well worth reading!
8th-Jan-2011 03:04 am - "Pike 101" by LJC, 1/1, Rated PG
star trek (awkward)
Title: Pike 101
Author: LJC
Rating: PG
Synopsis: Colt had spent two years training among the best and brightest of her generation, to compete for a slot aboard one of the dozen deep-space heavy cruisers as a yeoman. But there had never been a class in 'how to get your cranky captain to stay in bed when he has a cold'.

Pike 101Collapse )
star trek (gaila smiley girl)
Title: Qui Audet Adipiscitur
Author: LJC
Rating: PG
Synopsis: Set after "Safe and Sound". It wasn't that Gaila considered the Academy nothing but a non-stop buffet of beautiful people laid out before her like wildflowers in Spring.

Qui Audet AdipisciturCollapse )
24th-Dec-2010 05:27 pm - Fic:: Twas The Night
Title: Twas the Night
Words: 1910
Rating: PG-13, mostly for language
Pairing/Characters: Pike/Number One, Cait, Boyce, Colt
Summary: It's not so much a Christmas present as a Christmas ambush. aka everyone is tired of Pike and Number One dancing around each other.
Notes: For squares 'Christmas-first' for schmoop_bingo and for the pike/number one bingo square: "matchmakers & yentas: friends", so yeah, this is slightly absurd Christmas fic. Drunkness and overly meddling friends.

and lo, there was christmas fic
Title Duende
Pairing: Pike/One/Kirk
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jim gets down on his knees and asks nicely. One responds. Pike is unsurprised.
Content Advisory: [Mis]use of a Captain's Chair.
( One lifts her eyebrow a millimeter higher. )

Title & Summary: In Which Pillows Are Mentioned & Nightmares Are Not
Pairing: Pike/One/Kirk
Rating: R
Content Advisory: Spoilers fot STXI, violence mentioned.
( It's just that all the edges are fuzzed with midnight unreality... )
14th-Dec-2010 08:42 pm - letter of note
star trek (pike fashion emergency)
Catchng up on Pike-era news, I found this Letters of Note post which reproduces Gene Roddenberry's letter of 12 February 1965 to his agent, regarding "The Cage".

(crossposted to newoldskool)
13th-Dec-2010 09:01 pm - Art: Taste
pike/number one, pike/numberone
What: Art fill for schmoop_bingo square 'feeding - erotic'
Who: Pike/Number One
Rating: PG-13; no nudity, but there are underthings

Slightly big
Pike/Number One
Title: None So Kingly
Fandom: Star Trek (TOS)
Rating: R
Pairing: mirrorverse!Pike/mirrorverse!Number One
Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of these characters nor do I court any profit with this fanwork.
Notes: A Prompt Fills for Charity fic, written for taraljc.

Summary: "Tell me, would you take the Empire for yourself?
star trek (pike/number one embrace)
Title: Two Hours and Fourty-Six Minutes Later
Author: LJC
Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: This was not how Number One had hoped to start their shore leave.

Disclaimer: Star Trek and all related elements, characters and indicia © Paramount Pictures / Bad Robot / Spyglass Entertainment 2009. All Rights Reserved. All characters and situations—save those created by the authors for use solely on this website—are copyright Paramount Pictures / Bad Robot / Spyglass Entertainment 2009.

Please do not archive or distribute without author's permission.

Author's Note: Written for The Pike/Number One Bingo prompts "documentation" and "good-natured bickering & other banter".

Two Hours and Fourty-Six Minutes LaterCollapse )
6th-Dec-2010 11:37 pm - Art: Not all Planets are Dangerous
pike/number one, pike/numberone
What: Art fill for schmoop_bingo square 'cuddling with pets'
So I had a conversation with captlebubbles a couple months ago where the 'planet of fluffy and lovable bunnies' came into existence. Now I get to inflict it on all of you. So this is basically the Yorktown crew with bunnies. Multi colored bunnies. This is how I deal with Mondays apparently.
Who: Pike, Number One, Cait Barry, Boyce, Colt,
Rating: G, gen

star trek (pike/number one shirt)
Title: Doctor's Orders
Author: LJC
Rating: NC-17
Synopsis: Set after "Paradigm Shift". When the crew quarters on deck 5 are damaged in a Tholian attack, Pike and Number One have to make do with alternate sleeping arrangements.
Author's Note: Written for The Pike/Number One Bingo prompt "living arrangements: captain & xo share a bathroom".

Disclaimer: Star Trek and all related elements, characters and indicia © Paramount Pictures / Bad Robot / Spyglass Entertainment 2009. All Rights Reserved. All characters and situations—save those created by the authors for use solely on this website—are copyright Paramount Pictures / Bad Robot / Spyglass Entertainment 2009.

Doctor's OrdersCollapse )
5th-Dec-2010 06:19 pm - New sister comm!
star trek (new old skool)
Because I am a) crazy and b) have no will power and c) wanted someplace to post manips of Boyce and Barry, I give you newoldskool, a comm for all things Star Trek that feature Christopher Pike, Number One, Phil Boyce, and Caitlin Barry (in any and all combinations).

Mainly, there has been a (very small) explosion of lovely lovely Pike/Boyce, Boyce/Barry, and Number One/Barry in this last year, not to mention loads of lovely friendship fic. And it just felt like tho they may be the TINIEST of tiny 'ships, for characters who in some cases only exist in one episode and a handful of tie-ins, there might be a need to have a place where fiction, joy, and meta they can be archived.

So, erm... yeah.
2nd-Dec-2010 11:12 am - Number One
star trek (hell yeah number one)
Just a reminder that you can post any and all fiction/fan art/fan vids having to do with Number One to this comm! So break out those Number One gen stories, Number One/Kirk, Number One/Cait Barry, etc. and share them with your fellow fans. As you can see from the Masterlist, this comm welcomes any stories about Number One, from TOS and AOS.
2nd-Dec-2010 11:10 am - Captains of the Final Frontier
star trek (pike old blue eyes)
Biography channel will be airing the Captains of the Final Frontier documentary featuring Bruce Greenwood on December 14th and 15th! Here is the synopsis from their website:
Star Trek: the most influential science fiction television series of all time. What began as a cult favorite, stands today as a worldwide phenomenon that only grows stronger with each new addition. And at the center of it all stand the fearless captains of each Star Trek generation: a class of iconic characters whose leadership and choices changed the course of their own universe forever. This two-hour special will relive, analyze and shed new light on the incredible triumphs and epic failures of the most legendary leaders in Starfleet history. We're gathering the biggest names and foremost experts on the subject and weaving their never-before-heard accounts and stories with the most exciting, awe-inspiring and iconic clips, footage and photos. It's an in-depth look at those who have boldly taken the series to new and unexpected heights.
1st-Dec-2010 01:12 pm - Masterlist updated!
star trek (pike/number one)
The Pike/Number One Masterlist has been updated!

As always, please let me know in comments if I've missed or mislabelled anything.
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